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Is Social Media Taking Time Away From Family?

October 26th, 2009 No comments
Time Slips Away

Time Slips Away

This question was asked in an NPR radio show a couple of weeks ago and really got me thinking.

The radio show had a couple of callers where the wife said that dad comes home and then hops on the computer.  When one of the sons pleads for dad’s attention, dad says “In a minute.”  An hour later, he emerges, but the son has gone on to something else.

Wow.  I’ve been guilty of this and see that Social Media and the internet really does take time away from the family.

This made me think about the message I’m sending the kids.  That mom & dad are always on the computer and ignores them when they want attention.  Talk about a message you don’t want to send.

At the same time, the urge to shop, get news, send Tweets, update friends on Facebook, etc. is so hard to pull out of.  As a mom with an internet-based company to run and grow, who relies heavily on social media and the internet, this battle for time is especially difficult.

I’m going to try to restrict my time on the computer so I can give the kids quality time, especially around dinnertime.  Will that do the trick?  Don’t know yet, but will be finding out.

How about you?  What do you think and what do you do?

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The Family That Plays Together Stays Together

October 13th, 2009 No comments

Custom Fit Nutrition

Custom Fit Nutrition

This is a guest article by Joy Supplee of Custom Fit Nutrition.


We’re always hearing that we need to get more exercise but our busy schedules seem to get in the way.  Gym memberships can be a great motivator for some, but can be difficult to maintain over time.  And what about time with your family or significant other?

Wii Fit Plus

Wii Fit Plus

Here’s an idea to promote both a healthful lifestyle and time with your loved ones: consider purchasing a Wii Active or Fit system or even a used Play Station II system with Dance Dance Revolution for a lower cost option. These are video game systems that you can use for either personal workouts or fun physical games & competition with your loved ones.  And many video game stores will offer refurbished models at a lower price that even come with warranties.

It won’t matter what the weather looks like outside, you won’t have to drive anywhere and you will be spending quality time with your loved ones and having fun as well as improving your health!  How can you beat that?

Free Meatball Sandwich: Tony Maroni’s Twitter Special

October 5th, 2009 No comments
Tony Maronis Pizza Factoria

Tony Maroni's Pizza Factoria

Tony Maroni’s Pizza in Factoria is running a cool Beat The Monday Blues special, which is sponsored by ClickEats, MyBuzz, and the Eastside Entrepreneurs Social Network.

If 50 people go to and click the “Retweet” button to retweet this special, then EVERYONE gets a free meatball sandwich on Monday, October 12 from 12pm-2pm.

If you retweet, you get entered into a contest to win a $25 gift card from Tony Maroni’s Factoria.

Please tell others about this special so we can get a free meatball sandwich!

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Women In Technology

October 2nd, 2009 No comments

This Women in Technology post from Tech Flash has gotten me thinking about, well, women in technology.

John Cook wrote the original article back in the Spring, which received some interesting comments about why he’s even writing the article and the validity of the top 100 list.

Now, Tech Flash is hosting a reception and networking event open to all, to discuss women in technology with respect to leadership, science, computing and other topics.

Being in business and technology, as well as being a mom to a young girl and boy, I have many thought about women in technology that I wanted to share.

What is ‘In Technology’?

At first, my idea of someone who is “In Technology” was of someone who directly produces technology.  So, when I first read the original article, I didn’t really think many of the women were ‘In Technology’ so much as working for technology companies.  Most were not software developer geeks, did not have a engineering/computer science background, and were not THE head of a software company.  Without this background of being in the trenches, it is more difficult to establish credibility as a ‘Woman in Technology’, at least in my opinion.

This is not to say that none of the women are not ‘In Technology’.  Women like Marianne Marck, who I know back from my days at the Disney Internet Group, is an example of a former software/db developer who has moved up the ranks to become a VP of Technology for Blue Nile.  This is how most of us imagine moving up the proverbial ladder.

I think issues come into play when you start mixing people who come from a technology background with people who work  for tech companies.


After reading John’s article, I really had to think about what ‘In Technology’ means.  For me, ‘In Technology’ spans a range, and at the core is how many degrees of separation someone is from actual software development.  The closer you are, the more you can be called a geek (or a former geek) and a technologist.

So if you were to put a simple measure of how geeky one is (now or in the past), call it a GEEK-DETECTOR, and 6 levels (to keep it simple), I think the levels would be:

  • 1st level – developing software
  • 2nd level – front end development, network engineer, systems administrator, low level software testing writing own scripts, database administration
  • 3rd level – technical program management, sw testing, web designers
  • 4th level – directly managing level 1-3 people,
  • 5th level – your company sells technology, so you know something about technology, but you’re not creating the technology in levels 1-3
  • 6th level – Everyone else

I know I’m missing some and this is quite simplified, but this is what’s coming to mind right now.  The reason I put sw developer as the 1st level is because they can get applications up and running without any of the other levels.  Even though network engineers and sys admins are very technical jobs, they’re unnecessary if there’s no software for them to actually get onto the internet and administer.

So What?

So if you applied the Geek-Detector measure to the list of women in technology, it’d be interesting to see how many women have been at level 1.  I think very few have and that most started in the 3-5 level range.

For me, I think the purpose of having a networking night for women in technology is to acknowledge there are women who work in all levels of technology, but to also recognize the fact that we need to work harder at getting more girls into levels 1 and 2.  These positions are key to organizations, are usually in high demand, and pay very well.  To get them there, we need to support each other so we can beat a path for young girls to achieve this.

I’ve got ideas on how to do this that I’ll write about in the future.  Stay tuned.